Do you struggle to find the right hair products for your hair?
Is washing and styling a burden?

Imagine finally finding the right products for your hair. The perfect match for you and your family. We understand how overwhelming the hair space can be, so we have made it simple. So simple, that you and your entire family will want to wash their hair.

No more second guessing and confusion, no more spending hundreds on the wrong products. Jardin Essentials is here for you. Caring for you, caring for the environment.

Why Jardin Essentials?

Jardin Essentials is a premium hair care range, with naturally derived, organic ingredients. Sustainable, recyclable, cruelty free, vegan, paraben and sulphate free superfood for your hair. 

Designed and created by an award winning hairdresser and mother of 2, who knows that amazing hair doesn’t have to be hard work.

Lots of time spent experimenting with well known brands and listening to what people wanted is what formed the ethos of Jardin Essentials. This brand was created by you and for you. Tested and trialed by the harshest critics, YOU. We knew we found what you wanted when YOU were asking for more.